Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How To Transition Your Wardrobe Into Spring

Spring 2010 is right around the corner! Time to clean out those closets! So I have a few tips I give all my clients.

1)One rule I have is , if you have not worn an item in over a year....Pitch It! Unless it has sentimental is taking up space! 

2)Go through your basics,ex:tanks and tees....especially white, see what needs to be refreshed. 

3)Learn what consignment stores are around town. They are great for getting rid of items that are current but did not get much attention. This gives you cash flow for adding NEW to your wardrobe! 

4)Remember, transition means to start wearing brighter colors, lighter jackets, lighter weight leathers. If you are tired of boots and Uggs with your leggings and straight leg jeans....replace with flats and NO SOCKS! Suede ballerina flats or driving shoes still appropriate! 

5)Organize your closet by tops, bottoms,sweaters, coats,shoes, accessories...colorize light to dark. That way you can mix and match and maximize your wardrobe. 

6) Start changing your mani's and pedi's....use colors , still dark per trend, but hues of pinks,purples, blues , and greens. 

7)Update your accessories, add some color to your blacks and grays. 

8)Remember Spring/Summer fashion season goes by fast. If you have special occassions such as wedding, graduations, tropical March and April and get the best of what is NEW!

Happy Spring Everybody!