Friday, February 19, 2010

Flip Floppin Around

Today I spent some time shopping online to see what I could find in the world of flip flops! The one thing I love the most about spring/summer is the simplicity of throwing on my flops with whatever I have on....a dress, shorts, my jeans.....they go with everything! So here is what I got excited about......

I love love love Tori Burch's flip flops- Neiman Marcus has the logo rubber flip flops for $45.00, I also fell in love with the new Metallic Ornament Sandal ,$235, by Tori!

Saks Fifth Ave. has some great Gucci rubber flops for $195, I tend to love black, but the blue one's were super cute too!

Shop Bop also had some spectacular Tori's in Platinum., more of a flat flip......$195
I also found a oh so cute pair of sandals by Elizabeth & James....the Becky Toe Ring Cuff Sandal....sosososo cute!

My all time summer must haves are Havianna's, ultimate in comfort, flip flops! I am obsessed with them! Dini's Los Angeles adds flair with peace sign crystals which caters to my bohemian/hippie feel that I tend to trend towards.....personally. $48

Jcrew touches on the feminine side of summer , with their Blume flip flops, especially in neutrals.$24.50

So for today....this is my flip flop wisdom for an ol pro!!!