Monday, November 30, 2009

Fashion Gives Back

In a time of change in priorities, the fashion world has evolved. Styles reflect past memories and future hope. Women have to simplify their wardrobe and select carefully. Designers pay closer attention to detail,personality, and feel good fabrics. Stores are capturing the consumers interest with always finding the next best style. The Internet is now more visual and personal.

But there is a new twist in this time in fashion history, all around, people are giving back. We design to benefit non profit organizations, stores are promoting sales so proceeds of profit benefit charity, women are more aggressive in speaking out for the needs of each other, global support has grown and through creating a product , tribes of poverty stricken children are learning skills and selling product such as scarf's and jewelry. We are coming together and demanding compassion.

Fashion has evolved and supports an industry to be creative, speak freely, allow individual expression, and now awareness to the needs of humanity. I believe this big business is the greatest industry exsisiting in today's free world! Support it, give back!